Thursday, November 27, 2014

Breakfast Club of Canada Pouring Heaps of Sugar Into Canadian Children

So last week saw Coca-Cola Canada writing about their involvement with Breakfast Club of Canada, a national breakfast charity that serves 90,000 Canadian school children.

Coca-Cola is involved because by way of their orange juice donation they're teaching a whole new generation of kids that OJ and breakfast are a perfect fit.

Though of course juice isn't a perfect fit for anything really as it packs the same sugary caloric punch as soda, and while it does contain a smidgen of vitamins, if you put those very same vitamins into Coca-Cola that certainly wouldn't be a beverage you'd be recommending Breakfast Club of Canada serve 90,000 children daily now is it?

That's why the World Health Organization and Canada's Heart and Stroke Foundation both finger juice as being an unhealthy provider of free sugars.

Another unhealthy provider of free sugars? Chocolate milk.

And yet looking at that photo up above it would seem Breakfast Club of Canada is pouring both into children and with them, 12 teaspoons of sugar - double the World Health Organization's daily recommended maximum - and all before the school's very first bell.