Saturday, June 30, 2018

Saturday Stories: @SelfMagazine's Fantastic Weight Issue

With a break from the norm here, I wanted to share with you Self Magazine's incredible weight issue (warning, if you do read them all, you'll find a couple of quotes from me here and there)

Carolyn Kylstra with an introductory Letter From The Editor

Ashley C. Ford with Tess Holiday's Health Is None Of Your Business

Carolyn Kylstra with How Should a Health Brand Talk About Weight?

Lindy West with The Way We Talk About Bodies Has Changed. What We Do About It Comes Next.

Jes Baker with Nope, I’m Not Trying to Lose Weight

Sonya Renee Taylor with The House Next Door

Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha with I Help Manage My Chronic Illness With My Diet, but Don't You Dare Call It 'Clean Eating'

Your Fat Friend with Weight Stigma Kept Me Out Of Doctors’ Offices for Almost a Decade

Elisabeth Poorman MD with Why It's Not Productive to Just Tell a Patient 'You Have to Lose Weight' (note from me - this piece had one thing missing for me. In it Dr. Poorman discussed how lifestyle is more important to discuss than weight. Wholly agree. But the implication from the piece is that lifestyle only need be discussed with patients with obesity who inquire about weight loss. I think lifestyle is something that should be discussed with every single patient regardless of their weights.)

Nora Whelan with her photo-essay Everyday Athletes Talk About What Strength Means to Them

Sarah Jacoby with The Science on Weight and Health

Kevin Klatt wth Why Weight Loss Diets Fail

Melissa A. Fabello with Skinny Shaming Is Not the Same as Fat Phobia