Saturday, June 08, 2019

Saturday Stories: Only One Read This Week

Every once and a while there's a story that has such an impact on me that I want to feature it by itself.

Today's Saturday Story, written by Dana Horn for the Atlantic, was searing. It detailed her recent visit to a "massive blockbuster exhibition (about the Holocaust) that opened in May at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in downtown Manhattan", by the same people who brought you Human Bodies, and how it left her feeling flat.

Her closing paragraph,
"The Auschwitz exhibition does everything right, and fixes nothing. I walked out of the museum, past the texting joggers by the cattle car, and I felt utterly broken. There is a swastika on a desk in my children’s public middle school, and it is no big deal. There is no one alive who can fix me."
shouldn't be the only one you read. Please click it for more.