Saturday, September 23, 2006

French Women DO get fat!

You may have seen this book on the bookshelves. It's been a national best seller all over the world. Unfortunately it seems, the french women, aren't reading the book (or perhaps, like 98-99% of diet books, it fails in the most important part of weight management - sustainability).

A national survey conducted annually in France show that in fact overweight and obesity rates are rising rapidly. Currently 42% of France's population over the age of 15 is either overweight or obese.

It should be pretty telling to consumers. As of today, there are over 178,285 different diet books for sale on If any single one of them was dramatically better than another, doctors offices worldwide would be prescribing it. In fact in the history of medicine, there has yet to be a study the definitively proves one diet is better than another for weight loss.

In my office at the Bariatric Medical Institute, there are no prescribed diets. Every person is an individual, with different cultural backgrounds and different dietary likes and dislikes.

Here are the only two criteria that matter for diet and weightloss:

1. You eat less calories than you burn (that will help you lose the weight)
2. You like what you're eating (that will help you keep it off)