Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Quiznos Calories

Many times I've heard patients complain that they can't find any calories for Quiznos Subs. It's the subject of many angry rant blogs. I agree it's ridiculous that Quiznos USA refuses to release their nutritional information but the same cannot be said about Quiznos Australia. Over there their nutritional information is posted.

Now it's true not all the subs are the same as in the States, but given the nature of franchises I would imagine the numbers may well be comparable.

Only problem is their calories are listed in kilojoules.

To convert Kilojoules to Calories simply divide the number of kilojoules by 1000 and multiply by 239.

If you're worried about Calories, don't order the large white bread classic italian. It'll cost you 6755 kilojoules or 1614 calories, more than many of us burn in a daytime.