Friday, November 03, 2006

Ever Wonder What it Would be Like to Get Hit by 1,000s of Pies?

I find Japanese television to be both spellbinding and jaw dropping.

Here, for Funny Friday, is a 3-part video of a Japanese television show which from what I can gather involves an unfortunate gentleman who for some reason has agreed to spend an entire day getting hit by cream pies.

The clips are lengthy, the humour builds slowly, but boy did I enjoy them.

I especially liked it in the first clip when the man tries to make himself some toast and one of the cream-pie ninjas throw a pie in his toaster. I also liked the third segment when the man while trying to sleep is awoken by an older woman coming out of his closet and then eating the cream off the pie guy's face (this scene potentially not for younger eyes).

The pies begin at the 2:06 mark in the first video and then they just don't stop.

Clearly I'm a simple, simple man.

Have a great weekend!