Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Operation Play-Doh a Great Success!

Hope everyone had a great Halloween.

I did my own experiment this Halloween.

I had read an article in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior that suggested kids would be just as happy choosing toys as they would candy on Halloween.

My wife and I put that to the test last night.

We offered kids the choice between sugar-free gum and Play-Doh. The Play-Doh came in these individual packs and we bought 50 of them for $15.

I'd say 80% of the kids chose Play-Doh and virtually 100% of the parents were thrilled we weren't handing out more candy.

The best line of the evening came from a 7 or 8 year old goblin. When offered the choice between Playdoh and gum he asked,

Umm...the Play-doh, can you eat it?
When we told him no, he chose the gum.

The picture by the way, that's me and my beautiful daughter. Sorry it's blurry. One of my patients actually made me the Burger King costume.

I think it's a fitting costume...after all, Halloween's supposed to be scary.

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  1. Anonymous4:50 pm

    ... and if the kids already had a bag full of play-doh, then they probably would have chosen the gum instead ...

  2. Next year I think we may go candy free.

    Perhaps stickers, play-doh and then something that would appeal even to older kids...not sure what that might be yet, will have to explore the dollar store

  3. I knew it was a study! That's why you made that poor child choose one or the other instead of just giving him both!

  4. I like to give out comic books most Halloweens and feed kids' minds. We usually have candy too though. That we have something to eat while giving out the comics.

  5. My daughter and I were both thrilled with the play-doh! If you can't hand out healthy snacks, then toys are the next best thing! (and your house won't get egged) ;)

  6. Were you at our house Jennifer? We had a puking pumpkin and one carved like a cat.

    If you were there and I was at the door, I'm sorry I didn't recognize you.