Thursday, December 14, 2006

Why Does the City Waste My Tax Dollars Part II

15 minutes ago I received another couriered package from the City of Ottawa Public Health department. My understanding is that these packages go to every doctor in Ottawa.

In this high priority package (it was shipped via DHL Express, not DHL Ground) was 4 copies of a poster that advises a person to hold and rock but never shake a baby.

Indeed an important message, but really, did it need to be couriered to me express? Is tomorrow National Shake Your Baby Day and therefore an urgent pressing emergency public health measure?

Again I went to DHL's website and plugged in the dimensions and weight of the parcel. I wasn't given the option of DHL Express pricing but DHL ground had a rough cost of $15 per 4 posters.

Using the CPSO Doctor Search tool 3,359 doctors in Ottawa.

That's $50,385 in courier costs!

So for those keeping score, in 9 weeks our City has spent $100,770 to courier doctors a bunch of pretty much useless and certainly non-urgent materials (in early November I received my urgently couriered Flu Pandemic Preparedness Handouts).

Sure doesn't give me any warm and fuzzies.

UPDATE: See most recent post detailing City's investigation

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  1. Thanks for that posting, your solution was very enlightening and meaningful, I am sure when the City of Ottawa sees that there is a more useful and cost effective way to send these out they will thank you and correct the issue, there will be ticker tape parades and it will be a holiday!!!!!

    WAIT... I don’t remember you making a suggestion... Did you? Here let me read it again... um... yada... yada... blah…blah… oh wait there it i…. Nope... not there. I see no constructive feedback. Well then never mind my accolades.

    Your rant has become useless.

  2. Neall,

    I didn't offer a suggestion because I had wrongly assumed that most folks were aware of something called MAIL.

    I'm sorry I didn't realize that would not occur to you.

  3. Did you ever think that they have a contract with the delivery company, and get this type of service at a discounted rate?

    It’s great that people have the need and freedom to rant, and of course it’s easy to point fingers, I guess the part that requires effort is giving us readers a creditable solution to correct the issue. But I guess that’s where freedom of speech ends for bloggers.

  4. Gee, really Neall, a contract eh?

    That's some contract.

    Cheaper than mail!?

    Yeah, that's happening.

  5. Well you have the freedom to check, CoO budgets are of public record, so go ahead and check, till then you just don’t know.

    Until you do check however your argument is a mute point, because you dont know both sides.

    Sometimes you should have all the facts first, but like I said its easy to point fingers so thats what you do.