Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Hide the Calories Shell Game

I know, it's a weekend and I'm posting.

I'm having a cup of coffee downstairs while my wonderful wife looks after our two daughters (I had them from 5am to 7:30am).

I saw this article on the wire and thought I'd throw it up here.

It says that Quiznos, White Castle and Wendy's have all pulled nutritional information from their respective websites or restaurants in lieu of the NYC law mandating Caloric menu board posts.

In an argument I heard first hand from a McDonald's spokesperson at an Obesity Think Tank, Big Food says that it would be too confusing for consumers to have both a price and a number of Calories on the menu boards, or alternatively, that the menu boards are too small to accommodate 3 or 4 additional numbers.

Guess they think everyone's unspeakably stupid or that we've all got terrifically poor eyesite.

If you do want to see Calorie information, head over to Calorie King where you can find data for all 3 restaurants - just put the restaurant's name in the search box.