Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Terrible Way to Start your Day

Meet Hardee's new Country Breakfast Burrito.

Here's Brad Haley, one of the marketing geniuses over at Hardee's (not being mean here, actually think they've done a phenomenal job marketing unhealthy, ridiculously high calorie foods) discussing their new breakfast offering,

"It's an entire country breakfast in the palm of your hand. It represents the first time that hungry breakfast customers can get eggs, bacon, ham, hash browns and sausage gravy in a portable form that can easily be eaten on the go. True breakfast fans are really going to enjoy the Country Breakfast Burrito once they get their hands on it."

Wanna know what else your $2.69 buys you?

920 Calories, 60grams of fat and 1,970mg of sodium.

Today I'm adding a new feature to my Frankenfood segments - cost per Calorie.

0.29 cents a Calorie - so a penny buys you 3.45 calories.

And people still hem and haw about how obesity is super complex and we can't figure out how we got to this point?

How's this for a theory? How about because Calories are insanely cheap and every single one of us is genetically hardwired, after hundreds of millions of years of evolution, to really like them?

So remember, Country Breakfast Burrito - enough Calories to feed a country.

[Hat Tip: Angela over from CTV's Healthblog, a place where sometimes my posts visit]