Wednesday, January 23, 2008

CBC Marketplace Takes on Health Check Tonight at 7:30pm

Sorry for the very short notice.

Watch CBC Marketplace tonight at 7:30EST on CBC television for their take on Health Check.

You might even see a familiar face!

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  1. Yoni, are you able to have a digital version of the show available after it airs? I am really interested in seeing it, but I'm not sure whether I can catch it live. If you can get a copy from CBC, or let me know if they will have it on their website!


  2. Beauzeaux1:48 am

    Watched the program on the web site. I hope the information gets spread far and wide. The idea that Health Canada might even consider the Health Check system is very unsettling. The comments on the Marketplace site are very revealing.
    Keep up the good fight, doc.

  3. Brilliant! I have to admit, when I see the logo, I thought the food was 'healthier' overall. Now that I know that only some foods are included, I'll ignore the logo and continue reading labels instead!

    I hope this episode sparks more questions and concerns from consumers. More press will help more people become informed!

  4. Anonymous11:13 am

    That was an absolute thrashing of the Heart and Stroke Foundation and the Health Check program. A beating rarely seen on Canadian TV. Terry Dean's head must be spinning this morning...still unsure of what hit him. The Health Check team is scrambling. Wendy Mesley showed no mercy. If they had ANY chance of Health Check becoming the national food rating system, that has completely disappeared now.

    To me, it was amazing how few people realize that Health Check is a marketing tool for food companies...a system in which food companies have to pay for the symbol. Most people truly believed that the Heart & Stroke was going through grocery store sheleves and evaluating products out of the goodness of their heart.

    Having said that, I think it was completely unfair to blindside the H&S dietitian with the Guiding Starts and ONQI ratings systems without ANY critical evaluation of THOSE systems. What makes them the gold standard of symbols? You dont think Mr.Katz stands to make a few bucks from his system?

    Why don't we just educate people on understanding and interpreting the handy Nutrition Facts table that cost millions of dollars to develop and implement over the past 5 years? That is truly an objective nutrition rating system.