Saturday, January 26, 2008

Have you Clicked? Voting Ends Soon!

There are only a few more days of voting left for Best Canadian Science/Technology blog (the category I'm a finalist in).

You can only vote once per round per computer so if you voted in the first round, thank you, and please consider voting again as we're now into the final round.

The nominees are my blog Weighty Matters and these 4 other Canadian Sci/Tech blogs:

Internet Duct Tape

Eastern Blot

Climate Audit


If you'd like to vote you can do it here

To see the rest of the categories and finalists click here.

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  1. Andrew7:12 pm

    I jsut found your blog and stumpled upon the article on the Canada's food guide and I CANNOT stress how important that what your saying is real and dangerous. I'm a 20 year old lad with stricken health and poor metabolism based on being a sugar and instant food junkie for the first 17 years (poor parenting..i know) and I grew to have rashes and candidaisis all over my body. In these past years I've been trying to retake it.

    I was wondering if I can propose an interesting topic on any findings on the relationship between college student G.P.As (and probably depression, emotional fluctuations) and food nutrition. I'm currently in my third year of university and I can't seem to get everyone in my student circle of friends to listen to say about the possible impacts of this.

  2. Anonymous11:07 am

    Andrew - have you actually ever looked at Canada's Food Guide? The last time I checked, it did not promote sugar or "instant food". In fact, it suggests that Canadians LIMIT their intake of sugar and other high-fat, high-sodium foods. What does Canada's Food Guide have to do with your health issues?