Friday, August 15, 2008

Menu Board Calories Hit the Funny Pages

I love it when Funny Fridays involve nutrition but today it's an extra special Funny Friday as today I've got a double header and both items are about menu board Calories.

First up we have Doonesbury. Amazingly, Gary Trudeau has now been writing his often biting, left leaning, comic strip Doonsebury for 40 years giving us his view of the world. This past week menu board calories hit his strip with Trudeau detailing how the posting of menu board calories at "McFriendly's" is affecting customers and regular pothead character Zonker. The series is remarkable too in that it means that menu board calories have hit the big time with the issue reaching a level of social conscious high enough to make the strip understandable and comical to its readers. Click the picture above to enlarge the strip enough to read.

Next up we have a youtube video that Marion Nestle posted a few days on her fantastic blog What to Eat. It was put together by the California Center for Public Health Advocacy and it involves them asking folks to figure out fast food calories using Big Food's answer to menu boards - brochures.

Have a great weekend!

[Hat tips to my mom and Cynthia for sending along the Doonesbury works]