Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Update on Hospital Cafeteria Food

Just thought I'd bring you an update on what's gone on with the hospital food issue.

Following Don Butler's excellent piece on my hospital food adventures in the Citizen the Canadian Medical Association Journal invited me and that doc I've blogged about from the East coast Rob Stevenson, to co-author an editorial about our experiences.

That editorial, available online was posted last week and in turn that led to a flurry of activity and potentially even some change.

The day after the editorial was published the Quebec Minister of Health Dr. Yves Bolduc announced (link is in French) that he would see to it to ensure that healthy foods would in fact be served in Quebec hospitals. There were also a myriad of articles across the country covering what to most allied health professionals is a no-brainer issue and I was thrilled to see in the comment sections for these articles, it's a no-brainer for most Canadians too who see improving hospital cafeteria options as an obvious, necessary and medically responsible thing to do.

A few days ago I was invited onto Steve Madely's show (hosted by Mark Sutcliffe) to talk a bit further and I was pleasantly surprised that the interview was pretty lengthy and really allowed me to flesh out the issue for the listeners. If you're curious, you can click the player below to hear it (if you're an email subscriber and the player doesn't work, just head over to the blog):

Lastly this coming weekend Dr. Barry Dworkin has invited me onto his now nationally syndicated show Sunday Housecall to discuss this an other issues (you can listen online by clicking here at 3:30pm Sunday August 10th or tune into CFRA in Ottawa).

Who says a few loud voices can't affect change?