Monday, February 02, 2009

Improve your Body Image with Insults and Meal Replacement Bars?

Writing this blog has led to my inclusion in the press release launches of diet, weight and for some reason beauty related products.

Mostly they're ridiculous and honestly I question the wisdom of the folks who include me in their diet-centric mailings - did they ever bother to actually read my blog?

Anyhow, last week I received this press release. The headline read,

"Yikes! 1 of 3 Canadian Women Battling Body Image"
and I admit it did what a good headline ought to - it had me reading the next line.

I assumed of course it would be somehow related to a means to cultivate a healthier body image, or perhaps pointing me to a commentary on fat-ism.


Instead I got this line,
"The mirror doesn’t lie. From muffin tops to thunder thighs, from junk in the trunk to flabby arms, Canadian women say they don’t like what they see."
So Canadian women - to improve your body image look for "problem areas" in the mirror, eat meal replacement bars and take nutritional and workout advice from Nadeen Boman - someone whose career has been built on berating womens' bodies and providing them with ridiculous, non-sustainable, workouts and diets.

Gee, I wonder why Canadian women battle body image issues? Could it be that press releases like this one and grotesque TV shows such as Nadeen Boman's Slice Networked Bulging Brides and The Last Ten Pounds Bootcamp contribute to the development of unhealthy body images in Canadian women?