Monday, August 17, 2009

Nintendo puts out another useless "exergame"

I've blogged about the Wii before and how while it may be fun, it's far from exercise.

Today I bring you Treasure Hunt a new game for the Nintendo DS that at least one reviewer bills as,

"not only another blow in the fight against obesity, it's also a nice illustration of what our sister site likes to call the OFF=ON trend, whereby the online and offline worlds are increasingly overlapping"
To be clear, I think getting kids outside and playing is a great idea and certainly if you're going to have your kids play video games, by all means have them playing games that actually get them moving.

That said, the promotion of such games as tools in the fight against childhood obesity is ludicrous. Casually walking around in parks has about as much of a shot at landing a punch on childhood obesity as I do landing one on Mike Tyson.

[Hat tip to BMI's Director of Operations Lorne]