Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Do you suffer from Good Life Syndrome?

I see it all too often.

A patient comes to see me wanting to lose weight. I go through a medical, diet and lifestyle history and find out this person's eating out 3 or more times weekly at fine restaurants, enjoys a glass of wine nightly with supper (and like me they have large glasses and heavy hands) and travels 4 or more weeks of the year. They've got sincere desire to lose but yet no desire whatsoever to change their biggest ticket weight loss items - fine dining, fine wine and frequent travel.

It's tough to blame them too. Oftentimes these folks are in their 50s, they've worked hard all of their lives and they've finally carved themselves out enough time to enjoy some of the fruits of their labour.

They've got Good Life Syndrome.

Desire, willingness and readiness for change are all very different things.

What stage are you in?