Wednesday, March 03, 2010

(Podcast) You shouldn't need a PhD to go grocery shopping.

Regular readers of my blog will certainly already be aware of Health Canada's push to fortify the global food supply.

In researching the story I had the opportunity to interview Dr. Valerie Tarasuk from the University of Toronto. Dr. Tarasuk is a Professor of nutrition and a former member of Health Canada’s expert advisory committee on dietary reference intakes.

No thanks to me (I just ask the questions), the interview's fascinating and really a great tour of many of the issues surrounding discretionary fortification. Dr. Tarasuk is a clear and cogent speaker and is quite entertaining to boot - it was certainly one of the most enjoyable interviews I've ever conducted.

Click below to download the audio file, or you can listen on the embedded player (won't work with email subscribers) and hear Dr. Tarasuk rip apart Health Canada's proposed gift to Big Food the world over.

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  1. loved that interview. I would have liked to see a question about comparisons of supplements and fortified nutrients as a replacement to living nutrients. Many of my clients come to me with the belief that they don't need to eat living foods as they are "covered" with added nutrition in the sweet-high fat processed foods that they may prefer.I teach clients to value the tremendous overall nutrition of a living food such as fiber, water, potassium, macro and micro nutrients, along with the avoidance of preservatives, as compared to a manufactured and little understood fortified food with potentially dangerous additives.

    I think if we can gather enough evidence based research that these chemical nutrients added to processed foods are much lower quality (there are many) and have potential side effects and put those warning labels on food packaging, then we can at least compare foods on a level playing field.