Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holiday Strategy: Indulge!

But do it thoughtfully.

I've blogged before about the two questions to ask before you indulge and they're just as pertinent this time of year.

1. Is it worth the calories?
2. How much of it do I need to be happy?

Frankly during Christmas time, there may well be foods that despite most of the year not being worth their calories, suddenly are, and folks who are so extreme as to deny themselves indulgences over holidays, birthdays and other special occasions are denying themselves a real and valuable part of the human condition - celebrating with food. Denying that will almost certainly lead a person to abandon whatever eating strategy they've adopted that's led them to be overly strict.

Remember though if you ask those two questions and you're hungry when you ask them, the calories you'll consume will be far greater than if you ask them having had well organized meals and snacks all day long.

I figure everyone's got a food that fits into the line,

"A Christmas without ______ for dinner/dessert just wouldn't be Christmas"
Make sure you fill in your blank, just do it thoughtfully.