Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holiday Strategy: Indulge!

But do it thoughtfully.

I've blogged before about the two questions to ask before you indulge and they're just as pertinent this time of year.

1. Is it worth the calories?
2. How much of it do I need to be happy?

Frankly during Christmas time, there may well be foods that despite most of the year not being worth their calories, suddenly are, and folks who are so extreme as to deny themselves indulgences over holidays, birthdays and other special occasions are denying themselves a real and valuable part of the human condition - celebrating with food. Denying that will almost certainly lead a person to abandon whatever eating strategy they've adopted that's led them to be overly strict.

Remember though if you ask those two questions and you're hungry when you ask them, the calories you'll consume will be far greater than if you ask them having had well organized meals and snacks all day long.

I figure everyone's got a food that fits into the line,

"A Christmas without ______ for dinner/dessert just wouldn't be Christmas"
Make sure you fill in your blank, just do it thoughtfully.

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  1. That's what I did last Christmas! I'd lost about 35 pounds going into Christmas and I was careful not to overindulge but I didn't deny myself the things I had been dreaming of since last Christmas! I gained less than a pound, so it was definitely worth it. Now I'm at 55 pounds lost and looking forward to another holiday season, knowing I can do it!

  2. Nurse Ingrid1:31 pm

    Miss Gina, I am right there with you. Last Christmas I had lost about 40 pounds and had about 10 more to go. My goal for December was "don't gain," and that's exactly what happened.

    Now I have been maintaining my 50 pound loss for about 6 months, and my goal for this December is the same: don't gain. But if I do gain a pound or two? I know what to do to lose them again.

    And I have definitely not been denying myself my favorite holiday treats. I am just extra careful to keep up my calorie counting and my exercise routines, and have learned to be happy with smaller servings of the rich stuff. In fact, I would say I am able to truly enjoy the occasional indulgences more than when I used to just eat whatever I wanted, as much as I wanted.

  3. I agree, Ingrid! The food I do indulge on I eat much more thoughtfully and REALLY enjoy every bite!

  4. Christmas just wouldnt be the same without turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, stuffing, and home made bread. Thats more than one thing you say? it may be... but i mix them all up together!

  5. Christmas just isn't Christmas without my dad and his dad arguing about, oh I dunno, whether the Lanc was a better heavy bomber than the Flying Fortress; whether Hank Grrenberg was greater than than Stan Musial, er, strike that, Musical; whether Northern Dancer could have whupped Secretariat; whether that guy crowned Holy Roman Emperor on Christmas Day in 800 A.D. is more properly known as Karl der Grosse or Charlemagne; about whether the better wine to pair with dried out, overcooked turkey is sauternes or mateus; whether hockey players or football players are tougher; about whether Fibber McGee and Molly were funnier than Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy and on and on for hours on end on subjects about which they might have known everything or might have known nothing.

    And it was all calorie-free!

    Other than that, grandma's wretched prune soup, whcih I make to this day so that others will have to suffer as I did when I was kid.

    I miss the old people.