Saturday, December 04, 2010

Saturday Stories

The New York Times says Wii Fit is useless for fitness - unless you're old.

Sarah Palin continues to prove how ignorant she is about obesity.

Rosie Schwartz takes Health Canada to task for their record of nutritional inaction.

Alex Hutchinson of Sweat Science tells you to rethink your drink for exercise.

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  1. What?? That's all I use is Wii fit. I got ripped in 4 weeks and lost 300 pounds with Wii fit


  2. Thanks for the links! Wii is great!

  3. For the exercise games, you really get what you put in. I have bought Wii Active 1 and the x-pack and I have every ps2 and xBox360 ddr game. I find these are all very challenging physically. The trick with the Wii active is to meet all the challenges (ie. hit ALL targets and keep the avatar running on the run courses, not jogging) and to get a tougher resistance band than the one supplied with the game, because it is only suitable maybe for people who have never done the movements before. As for the other games, like bowling or Wii tennis, they aren't really workouts. They work some muscles and drain some energy, but they don't hit a whole lot of muscle groups and the value as a cardio workout is nonexistant. I agree that for the Wii Active, there isn't much to make me keep wanting to come back to the game. As a gamer, there isn't anything to keep me hooked. With DDR there is the hook that I want to hear the music and there is a quest mode where you progress and unlock songs and other game features.