Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Badvertising: GE's new weight loss laundry machine?!

This has got to be the dumbest and stretchiest (as in a long, long stretch) attempt to jump on the global weight loss bandwagon that I've ever seen.

Enter the GE Profile Laundry Pair.

According to the press release I received, "More Sleep Helps Fight Hunger Pains", your new GE laundry machine's going to help you sleep more.


Well apparently if you wash a small load of laundry that weighs 2.5lbs or less, rather than removing it to throw into the dryer, you can stay asleep and the machine will basically spin/air dry the load itself, all night long. Then, when you wake up in the morning it'll be dry. According to GE there'll be,

"No more waiting up past midnight for the big transfer from washer to dryer"
Huh? The "big transfer"? WTF?

But even if "the big transfer" existed, how exactly is that going to help with weight?

GE are you really trying to suggest that people are so disorganized that they can't remember to put their laundry loads in before 11pm, and they're doing laundry so frequently that this is going to be a sleep saver which in turn will impact on weight?

But even if that were true, here's the thing. Any home that's so busy that laundry gets left until midnight is a home full of kids and let me tell you, 2.5lb loads aren't going to cut it.

But why stop with weight GE?

How about a press release talking about how it helps infertile couples conceive (more time for hanky panky)? Or maybe it can help get families out of debt (more time for working)? Or maybe help get your kid into med school (more time for studying)?

Or maybe, just maybe, you could just stick to press releases about how great your machines are at doing laundry, because anything else would be just, plain, stupid.

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