Friday, July 08, 2011

Can I be your friend?

If you use Facebook or Twitter, today's Funny Friday video's a great watch.

If you don't, it'll leave you rather confused.

Have a great weekend!

(email subscribers need to visit the blog to watch)

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  1. Love this! Saw it before but definitely worth the watch again. And yes absolutely will make NO sense to someone not on FB or twitter.

  2. That's downright funny. Applying online etiquette to real life sure does not fit.

  3. Hi! I am one of your avid readers who enjoys each and every post. I also follow you on Facebook and on Twitter. Perhaps I am a groupie? Anyways, just wanted to send you a BIG thank you for your continued support for those of us fighting the good fight against obesity.

    I lost about 112 lbs with the help of the lap band (and a WHOLE LOT OF WORK on my part). I have blogged about my journey since before surgery:

    Thanks Again! :)

  4. Thanks for the kind words Lap Band Gal, and congratulations on your great success.

    Have a lovely weekend,