Monday, August 01, 2011

Apparently, as consumers we're getting dumber.

Oy vey!

According to a survey reported on in the tradezine Nutraingredients, consumers are more inclined than ever to ignore the unhealthy contents of their foods, so long as a healthy nutrient has been added.

I imagine too that one of these days Health Canada will actually succeed in its seemingly never ending quest to make it easier for food and product manufacturers to "fortify" foods at their discretion with vitamins and minerals and when that day comes, look out.

Coupling our dimming nutritional intellect, with a food corporation's insatiable (and understandable) race to profits, along with the blessing of Health Canada to lipstick up every nutritional pig, and pretty soon there won't be any food-containing cardboard boxes that don't extol the virtue of an added ingredient.


(Psst - potato chips, no matter what's in 'em, aren't good for you. Delicious? Sure. A treat? Sure. Something to eat to prevent heart disease? Sadly, no.)