Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Cookie the Size of My Face!

Another great guest post!

I'm sure you've noticed how over the years, the "small" sizes in restaurants have been growing progressively larger, for example at McDonald's where the small fries today are larger than the regular fries they opened with.

Well today's guest poster, Jean Paetkau, a journalist in BC, noticed this too and forwarded me a rant about this very phenomenon and a cookie the size of her face!

Here in Victoria ... we have a real passion for organic food and local produce. We love our cafes that serve soy based cheeses and non-GMO wheat. But despite the healthy intentions of local bakeries .. it doesn't stop them from selling COOKIES THE SIZE OF MY FACE.

One of my favourite bakeries that is walking distance from my work .. used to sell two sizes of chocolate chip cookies. The two different sizes of the cookies were ... in my opinion ... LARGE and LARGER.

During the few breaks I get as a hard working journalist ... I will often head down to this bakery. Recently, I was very disappointed to discover that they stopped selling LARGE cookies and now they only sell the LARGER.

I am considering boycotting the bakery simply because I don't want to buy (or eat) a COOKIE THE SIZE OF MY FACE. Some critics might say that I should just purchase the LARGER cookie and eat half one day .. and save the rest for later. Well ... I am a member of the human race and we are notoriously bad at eating only part of the treat sitting on our desk or lurking in our fridge.

I don't go to McDonalds because I don't want to be supersized. But I also don't want to eat a COOKIE THE SIZE OF MY FACE.

To the bakeries of the world: I appreciate organic ingredients, and grain that was raised without cruelty. But how about portion sizes that leave me without a guilty conscience and an expanding waist.
Jean Paetkau is an associate producer with All Points West at CBC in Victoria. She also worked on the award winning CBC food show "The Main Ingredient" last summer.