Saturday, September 03, 2011

Saturday Stories - home births, "bans", and liberation therapy

The Skeptical OB skewers Ricki Lake over her promotion of home births.

Macleans' Colby Cosh pours some cold water on MS's liberation therapy.

Lastly - found my interview with CTV regarding Edmonton schools' junk food "ban"

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  1. Interesting issues...thanks for posting. Home births should be researched by the parents-to-be by looking for excellent nurse mid-wives and not looking to a Hollywood personality's expertise.
    Do not even get me started on a rant about healthy food choices for kids!

  2. Anonymous10:51 pm

    Are you familiar with Dr. Amy? I am kind of disappointed that you would link something written by her. She is not a very reputable blogger.

  3. Thanks for those links. As someone currently off work with another relapse of MS I found your links to the liberation therapy articles v.interesting. Haven't heard much about it over here in the UK, mainly because I'm not that involved in the 'MS community', but raises lots of questions about promotion of unproven curative treatments in chronic conditions, and the role of the media/web/activists in promoting said treatments.

    The article on home births reminded me of my GP training in the UK. Whilst staying at the home of a local GP, she received a call at 4am to go to the home of a patient in labour with suspected placental abruption. A gladstone bag has never looked so small! Fortunately, all was well but what stayed with me was the look on the midwife's face, she couldn't hold eye contact with the GP. It was the look of fear and relief that stayed with me.