Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday Stories - Sparks, Oz and plates

Not an article, but rather a movement - Yale's Rudd Center's page on parent advocacy for healthy school food!

Far be it from me not to link to good stuff too - Dr. Oz' Time Magazine article praised by Harriet Hall over at Science Based Medicine (this one ain't about apple juice fear mongering)

Harvard comes out swinging and releases the Healthy Eating Plate, their own, evidence-based, version of the USDA's MyPlate

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  1. I read Science-Based Medicine on a regular basis, and was surprised to see Dr. Oz cast in a positive light.

    On one hand it’s great that Time is publishing some science-based articles, on the other I regret they chose Oz as the authority. This just lends him more credibility to the masses when he again goes off the deep end. One quick look at his show’s website and I need to throw on my b.s. waders again.

  2. How much research have you done into canola oil? It is a highly refined oil, which actually comes from a plant that, before some degree of engineering, whether just cross-breeding or full on genetic engineering, was actually inedible due to taste and was even toxic. The only healthy oils, in my laywoman's opinion, are organic oils that do not need chemicals to be processed. I believe these are olive and coconut. I'm not sure if there are more. I cannot tolerate canola oil, but I am curious what your opinion on it is and how much independent research you've seen.