Saturday, June 02, 2012

Saturday Stories: Fructose Science, Fat Consumption, and fMRI Flaws

David Despain posts a what I would consider a must read interview with Dr. John Sievenpiper on the non-hyped state of the science surrounding fructose.

Evelyn over at the Carb Sane-Asylum looks at some recent NHANES data and concludes that NHANES data probably isn't very good data but that if you do believe it, society hasn't swapped fat for carbs since 1970 (just to help when you read her piece - she's talking about absolute consumption, not percentiles as the graphs do demonstrate a percentile decrease whereas absolutes would put fat consumption at only a roughly +/- 5g a day change since 1970).

And lastly two awesome pieces explaining why fMRI studies probably aren't too exciting. The first is an oldie from Wired magazine on how an fMRI machine suggested a dead salmon could interpret human emotions and the second is last weeks' Vaughan Bell article from the Guardian that steered me to the dead salmon.