Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Announcing My Next Venture - TrenchTalks!

Have you ever suffered through a terrible medical education conference?

Well suffer no more!

Are you sick of conferences where speakers end their talks with, "we need to do more research on this"; or where the discussion centers around animal models, or where the subjects are awesome but the speakers just read off of slides, or where it's all fine and fascinating, but ultimately the talk does nothing to help your with your actual patient care?  Well I and some friends decided to do something about it - we created TrenchTalks!

What are TrenchTalks? They're what's been missing from Continuing Medical Education (CME). Highly entertaining speakers who don't read off slides and are passionate about their topics; only discussions and recommendations that are immediately clinically relevant to your practice; great venues; pots of coffee that don't disappear between talks; and an understanding that you're there not only to learn, but also to actually enjoy yourselves!

TrenchTalks are geared towards allied health professionals of all flavors and our first TrenchTalks series (where I'll be one of the speakers) is perhaps not surprisingly about the clinical management of patients with obesity.  No ivory tower speakers here.  We're from the trenches and for the trenches giving you nothing you can't use in your own practices tomorrow and delivering it in a single, minimally-practice-disrupting single day of learning.

We'll be speaking at TrenchTalks Obesity in Ottawa on October 10th at the Museum of Nature, in Montreal on October 11th at the OMNI Hotel, and in Toronto on October 12th at the new Trump Tower.

To learn more about TrenchTalks and/or to reserve your seat please visit our website at www.TrenchTalks.com, and if you're interested in attending, don't delay in buying a ticket as to ensure we are able to deliver you truly high quality education, seats are limited and are being sold on a first come first served basis.

Finally, a cure for boring!