Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Gear Review: My Cold Cup - Cheaper and Healthier Than Your Kids' School Milk Program

[Full disclosure - 2 cups provided to me for my kids to test drive]

Ottawa mom and engineer Gwenda Lindhorst-Ko had enough. Her son Jonathan was part of his school's milk program and it was chocolate milk he was drinking. The reason? The white milk didn't taste as good.

Now while many folks (me included) may have just immediately said, "Duh, kids like sugar", not Gwenda, and she wondered whether or not serving temperature may have something to do with it as after all, less than ice cold white milk isn't the best tasting beverage in the world. And she didn't just stop there, she decided to test her hypothesis by engineering and producing a product she's called, "myColdCup".

It's pretty easy to describe. Think a BPA free, stainless steel, 250mL thermos with a freezable insert and a kid friendly, leak proof lid. Basically you freeze the small insert and then snap it onto the inside of the lid, fill your cup with milk (or whatever beverage you want to stay cold) and away you go.

According to Gwenda it'll keep milk at lower than a fridge cold 4 degrees Celsius for 5 hours. According to my kids, "it was really cold, even at the end of the day!". Given it's meant to be carting milk around Gwenda also ensured it was wide mouthed so that it's easy to clean.

While there's definitely an outlay cost ($24.99), given the cost of home poured milk versus school based cartons, it'll pay for itself long before a school year's over.

If you're sick of your kids' school milk program choices and you're looking for an alternative, of if you just want the ability to keep your kids' (or your own) beverages cold, I'd recommend you give myColdCup a good look.

Available for purchase locally in Ottawa, or globally online via

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  1. I remember back in grade school (egads, 2 decades ago), I never drank the milk. Fortunately I thought the chocolate milk was gross, and the plain milk (pretty sure it was still whole milk back then) tasted like cardboard. (The few times I've had individually-packaged milk since then I've thought the same- paper carton milk tastes like cardboard).

    Alas, instead of milk I had apple juice- mmm empty calories!

  2. Anonymous9:30 am

    We stopped participating in our school's milk program after my kids told me that, all too often, the milk cartons had gone sour. I slipped a mini freezer pack in their lunch boxes beside their thermos of milk and never had problem after that.

  3. What a great invention!

  4. Anonymous10:32 am

    For food and drink, I only use containers where the contents do not come into contact with plastic.

  5. When I started refusing to let the schools feed (or hydrate) my kids any longer, they just stopped drinking milk at lunch. There really isn't any need for them to have milk with lunch, and if a parent is concerned about lack of milk, it can simply be made up for at breakfast or dinner. At least, that was my thought on it. The issue I have with this thermos is that I would undoubtedly pay the $25 dollars for it, only to have my 10 year old son promptly lose it at school, never to be found again. I just pack him a disposable water bottle in his lunch bag and deal with the attendant guilt that comes with that.