Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Health Check vs Guiding Stars Round 2: Chili

Up today? Chili. Staghorn Beef Chili to be exact.

And what do you get in your can? Almost half of the Heart and Stroke Foundation's daily recommended 1500mg maximum of sodium.

Health Check: Check!

Guiding Stars: Zero.

So as far as Guiding Stars go, Staghorn Beef Chili's grade falls between 0-25%.

Interestingly there's another Health Check'ed Staghorn Chili. It's their Vegetable Garden Chili.

Notice that it actually gets one Guiding Star (still not exciting as it in a sense reflects a score of 25%-50%, but still better than no stars).

Of course if you shopped using Health Checks you'd never know one was better (albeit marginally) than the other because Health Check pass/fail status doesn't allow consumers to compare one Health Check'ed item to another and consequently if sticking with the school analogy, kids getting 50% on an exam being marked by Health Check end up with the same grade as kids getting 100%.

More on that tomorrow with Round 3: Canned Vegetables.

And if you missed it, you can click here for further background.

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1 comment:

  1. I know they're high sodium, but actually, canned soups are one of the only processed foods I eat on a regular basis. I sometimes have a can of soup and toast for lunch. I like V8, too. I love the flavour of veggies and salt!

    You guys are actually pretty poorly served with the canned soup in Canada. The Habiatat is okay, but there's no Progresso (US) or Baxters (UK) and Habiatat is 4 or 5 varieties of pea soup with nothing else worth buying.

    Campbells is garbage, IMHO. They cover up the lack of any bulk of real ingredients with salt. Their higher end stuff is still kind of mushy and tasteless. Hey, does the palatability of processed foods play any part in your evaluations? Are those canned chilis actually any good? I've never seen them before.