Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Health Check vs. Guiding Stars Round 3: Canned Produce

Up today? Canned produce. And while I know you'd think this would be an easy one, you'd be wrong.

First up Health Check peaches with one Guiding Star vs. non-Health Check'ed peaches with two Guiding Stars:

And that's of course the peril of not scoring every item in the store with your front of package program - healthier products may be right in front of your eyes but given that Health Checks are only allowed to be displayed on products that pay the Heart and Stroke Foundation for that right, you might miss up on better options.

Next up are Health Checked canned tomatoes with zero Guiding Stars (containing for whatever culinary reason - added salt) vs. Health Check'ed canned tomatoes with 3 Guiding Stars (with no salt added).

Same brand of tomatoes. Same Health Check. Zero vs. 3 Guiding Stars. Oy.

Ironically want to know where I didn't see a single Health Check but did see a galaxy of Guiding Stars?

The actual produce section pictured up above, and more thoughts on that tomorrow along with soup.

And if you missed it, you can click here for further background.