Saturday, August 04, 2012

Saturday Stories: Nocebos, Prostate Cancer, and Enough

The Smithsonian Magazine covers the nocebo effect (think placebo, but bad).

Time covers the whether or not you should get a PSA test screening controversy for prostate cancer.

The Atlantic has a must read piece that may help you to determine if your life has "enough".

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  1. I've always wondered if fat people are at higher risk for health problems partly because we're always being told that our bodies are inherently diseased. Doctors and by the media tell us outright that we're a scourge on society, that every single health problem we have is because we're fat, and that we're fat because we're lazy, undisciplined and gluttonous.

    Massive the nocebo effect.

  2. Might there then be a nocebo effect from the standard practice of telling metabolically healthy overweight/obese that they will get sick if they don't lose weight?

  3. Yes Yes yes I had a doctor when I was a teenager who tolee me everything I had wrong with me,,tonsillitis, a sprained ankle, anad active sex life with a need for contraception, the common cold, etc etc was because I was too fat. When I was diagnosed with diabetes so many people said you know why youve got diabetes? Cos you are so fat/obese. I would reply with 2 small words teveRedgrave ( British multi Olympic Gold Medal winner 1996-2008)

  4. Alexie5:14 pm

    One time when I was in the middle of cancer treatment, I went to see my oncologist on one of my 'good days'. I wasn't exactly chipper, but I felt well enough and I strolled into his office looking forward to seeing him. He looked at my blood results and said 'oh my God, you're really in trouble here' and ordered an immediate blood transfusion.

    In an instant, I went from feeling fine to feeling so sick I could barely get out of the chair.