Thursday, July 25, 2013

Badvertising: iÖGO Nano Drinkable Yogurt (Might As Well Be Ice Cream)

Clearly aimed at Moms and Dads everywhere, iÖGO Nano drinkable yogurt is billed as,
"Goodness made special for your little ones"
And of course it also packs the healthy inferences of the words "yogurt" and "strawberry".

Hmmmm, let's see.

A 93mL bottle of iÖGO Nano Strawberry Yogurt contains 70 calories, 11g of sugar (1g shy of 3 teaspoons), and not exactly brag worthy quantities of calcium and vitamin D (15% and 8% respectively).

A 93mL serving of Breyer's All Natural Strawberry Ice Cream contains 81 calories and an equivalent 11g of sugar.

Pretty sure if iÖGO Nano drinkable yogurt was billed as melted strawberry ice cream parents wouldn't be fooled into giving it to their kids and believing it to be a healthy choice, but rather perhaps on occasion as a treat.

And yet....