Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Parental YES! Files: Local Church Edition

Again, battles can be won.

Here's a note I received from a long time reader (who'd prefer to remain anonymous).
I thought you should know the positive influence you have had on our church culture.

You're responsible for me noticing that the Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, and Soccer Camps associated with my church were constantly feeding my kids junk food, "just for this one special event." For about a year, I randomly complained to anyone who would listen. Finally, I wrote to the head pastor, the children's pastor, and a board member. I explained what I had observed and pointed out that unhealthy food choices were constantly being given to the children, even in the same services that we told them to care for the bodies God gave them. The day after they received the letter, there was an announcement in the bulletin for "healthy snacks after the service". Also since that day, I have seen veggies with hummus in Sunday School area for the first time ever. I have had to volunteer to bring 80 healthy snacks to soccer camp on Monday...but I'm good with that!

I don't know how often you're credited with changing things in the church Dr. Freedhoff...but I couldn't resist letting you know!
If you'd like to try to influence positive changes in your community, a ways back I published a brief guide on how to do so. And for readers of yesterday's post you should know I'll be having a run at the camp for next year.

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