Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Boxer Mikaela Mayer Sells Out Her Young Impressionable Fans to Dr. Pepper

Original Image Source - EveryJoe
Hot off the heels of last week's study that explored the nutritional awfulness that professional athletes endorse comes this video from Mikaela Mayer.

Ms. Mayer, also a former model, at 22, is the number one ranked amateur female boxer in the world, and judging from her latest video for Dr. Pepper, which leads with a reference to, "millions of girls", Dr. Pepper is targeting young women with her campaign for the beverage that in a single can has just shy of 10 teaspoons of sugar.

Now I wouldn't have expected Ms. Mayer to have given a second thought to agreeing to shill for Dr. Pepper because quite frankly, to date, it's considered a totally normal behaviour for athletes and celebrities to endorse soft drinks, fast food and junk food. Consequently if the behaviour is normal, why would anyone, let alone a young, up and coming boxer, think about the impact of their decision to join the fray?

Here's hoping that awful normal changes with time.

[Thanks to blog reader Verna Clark for sending the advertisement my way]