Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Heart and Stroke Foundation Doubles Down On Its Endorsement of Candy as Fruit

As mind boggling as the Heart and Stroke Foundation extending its official seal of approval to products with more sugar than candy, that contain virtually nothing in the way of vitamins, or minerals, and with health-washed packaging that dupes parents into thinking they're fruit equivalents, more mind boggling is their defense of that practice this morning.

Here are some tweets from both @TheHSF and @HSFHealthCheck to those who have expressed their concern that candy is being sold to parents as fruit.

I'm embedding the tweets so if they disappear, it's because the Heart and Stroke Foundation deleted them - it also means if you're on Twitter you can interact with them directly with replies straight from this blog post.

Before reading the tweets, have a peek up above at the nutritional information for SunRype fruitsource bites which per recommended serving have 6 teaspoons of sugar, bite per bite double the sugar of nibs, and they don't contain the vitamin C of even one lonely actual strawberry.RDs, would love for you to weigh in here. Are SunRype fruitsource bites a healthful product? Would you recommend them to parents?

And here again, is my video regarding this inanity.