Tuesday, October 01, 2013

A Personal Request for Help

Dear folks,

Long term readers know that every once and a while I'll ask for some help, and that more often than not it has to do with charitable fundraising. In this particular case, fundraising for breast cancer research.

In what looks to be my new tradition, if you value my ad-free blogging, I would love for you to consider sponsoring my 9 year old daughter's CIBC Run for the Cure fundraising effort (you should know too, CIBC and Komen are NOT in any way related and CIBC has not sold out the way Komen has to pink wash questionable products, though I am saddened to see East Side Mario's getting pink washed via the CIBC run - may need a new cause to run for next year).

This will be her 4th year running the full 5kms, and as parents my wife and I are hoping that these runs will help in part to teach her the importance of community - and that's where you come in.

While I'll never ask you for money for the work I do here, if you had even just $5 or $10 to spare, I'd love it if you could both support worthwhile research, and at the same time help to inspire my daughter by teaching her about the generosity, caring and power of a community.

Please click here to be taken to her fundraising page to make your fully tax-deductible donation.