Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The 6th Myth of Modern Day Dieting: Cheat Days Are Wise

A few weeks ago I shot some short videos in my office covering the 13 myths of modern day dieting that I wrote about in The Diet Fix. Believing in these myths can break anyone's weight management efforts. Over the coming days I'll be publishing them online.

That up above?

That's a photo of The Keg's carrot cake à la mode. I once referred to it at the world's most dangerous piece of cake because who in their right mind would ever guess it contained more than a day's worth of calories?

While I'm all for thoughtful indulgences (and even that piece of carrot cake if you've thoughtfully decided it's worth it), in our current non-intuitive, hyper-calorific food environment, cheat days, even cheat meals, can easily sink your weight management efforts. The answer to the question, "is it worth it?", is a personal one, but if you don't even ask the question because the day or the meal's a "cheat", you're liable to bite off far more than you'd have thoughtfully decided was actually worth chewing.