Thursday, September 14, 2006

McDonald's donates $2 million for obesity research

Today McDonald's, in reference to the problem of childhood obesity reported that they "felt we needed to get greater education in this area" and therefore decided to donate $2 million in obesity research funding to the Scripps Institute.

Now by no means am I bashing McDonald's for funding research, nor am I bashing them for wanting to know more about childhood obesity, or even for the way they make their money.

I am however shocked that they feel the need to donate $2 million to help them to understand how they might play a greater role in the prevention of childhood obesity.

Without even wading into the debate about marketing food to children, how about they simply start dramatically reducing the portion sizes and calories counts of their children specific foods?

Hey, McDonald's, if you'd like to pay me even just $200,000 I'll help you out...anyone over there reading this? Anyone?