Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Stupidest Weight Loss Drug Ever?

Compellis Pharmaceuticals has secured a patent on a new pharmacological means to treat obesity.

Their solution?

A nasal spray that would take away your sense of smell and taste. The theory I suppose, if you don't like what you're eating because you can't taste it you'll eat less. If you read their patent application you'll find that it worked on rats!

While I'm well aware that weight is a terrifically important determinant of health and that folks will try a lot of crazy stuff to help themselves lose, do the folks over at Compellis really think that people would be willing to give up one of life's most basic pleasures, the taste of food, to lose weight?

Clearly they must, and certainly people might be willing to put up with that loss of pleasure while they lose weight, but as with any weight loss effort that involves any sort of suffering, as soon as the scale stops whispering sweet nothings, most folks will decide they want the suffering to end.

As I've stated in many posts before, unless you like the way you're losing weight; unless you plan on continuing to live that way forever; it'll never stay off.

If only Compellis were a public company that I could sell short....