Thursday, April 12, 2007

Top Ten Weird Searches that hit my Blog

A while back I installed Google Analytics on my blog - it's a service that keeps statistics about visitors and tells me things about where people heard about my ranting.

For the folks who find my blog via search engines, it'll actually tell me what search they entered in order to find me.

Most are pretty straightforward - Canada's Food Guide, Is Meat Healthy and such, but some are well, kinda weird.

In no particular order, here are the strangest searches of the past few months:

10. Buy cocaine by mail in Canada
9. Underwear
8. Foot long meatball
7. Selling mantras
6. Victoria Beckham's daily calorie intake
5. Be uber skinny
4. What kind of medicine was ketchup?
3. "Colon blow" consumer concerns
2. Tostitos Passover
1. How to eat less fruit

For the person with the "How to eat less fruit" search - may I suggest eating less fruit?