Wednesday, June 13, 2007

More Weird Searches

A while back I posted a top ten list of weird searches that landed people on my blog. I decided this morning after seeing someone found me by searching for, "How many people die from choking on bacon?" that it was time for another list.

Here are ten more very strange searches:

  1. Mcdonalds "snack wrap" diarrhea
  2. Does red meat stay in my stomach?
  3. Safe to give toddlers coke chocolate?
  4. Calories in smell
  5. This dog won't hunt overweight kids
  6. Uses of coca cola as medicine
  7. Rejoice underwear canada
  8. How to quit atkins?
  9. "coke plus" diarrhea
  10. Space alien medicine.
So if those folks are still trolling around here...diarrhea guy, I hope you're feeling better. Please don't give your toddler coke chocolate. Don't worry about calories in smell (there aren't any). Coca Cola is not a medicine. I'm glad someone really likes underwear. And if you want to quit Atkins please try eating some bread.