Monday, May 26, 2008

World's Least Healthy Beverage?

Seen by me first on Marion Nestle's What to Eat I bring you Baskin-Robbin's Heath Shake.

Here's the unholy breakdown:

  • 1,560mg sodium (more than a day's worth of Blood Pressure Canada's recommendations)
  • 266g of sugar (66.5 teaspoons - 1.5 CUPS OF SUGAR!)
  • 2,310 Calories (that's the equivalent number of calories in either 15 Twinkies, 8 1/4 Snickers bars, 4.3 Big Mac's, or over 1/2 gallon of Ben and Jerry's ice cream)

  • And yet people (McDonald's CEO Jim Skinner) still make arguments against putting calories on menu boards.