Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Are there ANY healthy hospital cafeterias?

That's the question Dr. Rob Stevenson is trying to answer and to do it, he and his colleagues have launched the Canadian Healthy Hospital Cafeteria Project Survey (CHHCPS - pronounced 'chips').

They announced the project last week at the Canadian Lipid Nurses Network Conference in Halifax and it consists of ten simple questions based on principles of the Nova Scotia School Food and Nutrition policy (I can't speak to the principles of this policy as I haven't seen them).

If you work at a hospital, please take a few moments and fill out their questionnaire by simply clicking here.

Who knows, maybe there is a shining beacon on nutritional light somewhere on the North American hospital horizon.

But don't hold your breath.

(As an added bonus for today, here's a video of the situation out in Halifax that Rob pointed out and I blogged about before - it's hospital staff heading to a local high school for a healhty lunch while the students ironically head to the hospital for a deep fried one)