Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Trees - Nutritional Miracles!

Yup, it grows on trees so of course have "as much as you want".

You know trees were put on the planet by God to serve us and provide us with incontestably wonderful nutrition.

Nothing bad could ever come from a tree, right?

The BBC must have got it wrong when they suggested that eating the manchineel tree's fruit can be deadly, or that standing under the tree when it rains is a bad plan because if water drops off the tree onto your skin it'll cause blisters and burns, or that if you decide to cut down the tree and burn it the smoke that gets into your eyes can lead to blindness.

Who cares that the Sun Rype Rio Red Grapefruit Juice drop per drop has 15% more calories and 10% more sugar than Coca Cola? Certainly not the Heart and Stroke Foundation's Health Check program that happily sold them their logo! I guess it's because they're "natural" calories and "natural" sugars, that they magically won't contribute to obesity and consequently heart disease - right?

I'd also ignore the warnings of the American Academy of Pediatrics and nutrition professionals the world over that recommend strict limitations be put on juice drinking - because trees of course are smarter than them.

All hail the miraculous power of trees to bring only goodness and light to the world.

Oy vey.