Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A personal trainer for eating your vegetables?

I've got one.

It's my subscription to a local farm's community shared agriculture (CSA) opportunity.

Why? Because really I'm like everyone else. Sometimes it's difficult to motivate myself to exercise and sometimes it's difficult to motivate myself to eat healthier.

To that end this year my family subscribed to Bryson Farms' CSA program. It's fantastic. Yes, it's more expensive than buying vegetables in the supermarket, but when left to our own devices my wife and I certainly weren't the most adventurous vegetable consumers. Now, each week, we receive a large bag of vegetables. Some are familiar to us while some are not. Bottom line for us it's analagous to folks using personal trainers to insprie themselves to exercise except here instead of paying for it and exercising we're paying for it and eating it.

In so doing we're also supporting local agriculture, eating pesticide free produce and just in general eating a heck of a lot more vegetables than we used to.

[If you're in Ottawa and you're interested in Bryson Farms' CSA just head over to their website to learn about their various options.]