Thursday, August 06, 2009

Ottawa Citizen Nutrition Watch Week 12 - Persistence

As I mentioned last week, the update from my sources strongly suggest that published nutritional analyses for Citizen recipes will be a done deal - just not for a while longer.

For now, I'll just keep on calculating:

West Indian Pork Kebabs
(per recipe): 871 calories, 21g saturated fat, 227mg sodium, 16g total carbs.

Carrot and Couscous Salad

(per recipe assuming 1 cup of couscous and no added salt): 1390 calories, 8g saturated fat, 171mg sodium, 198g total carbs.

Asparagus and Sesame Salad

(per recipe assuming 1tbsp vinegar and 1tsp soy sauce): 250 calories, 4g saturated fat, 343mg sodium, 2g total carbs.

[All recipes calculated using Mastercook 9.0. Today it took roughly 2 minutes per recipe]