Thursday, October 08, 2009

European Union doesn't believe in magic yogurt

So why does Canada?

Readers of this blog will certainly be aware that the EU has clamped down on unsubstantiated food health claims and as I mentioned a few days ago, two of those claims have resulted in Danone spending $35 million in the US to settle a class action lawsuit.

Well the EU's health claims team just released their first round of rejections. According to the excellent industry newsletter Food Navigator of the 500 claim dossiers submitted more than 2/3 were rejected as not providing sufficient evidence to support the claims being made.

With regards to yogurts - the happy home of many probiotics, Food Navigator reports,

"Out of 100s of probiotic strains, not a single one was shown to have gut health, immunity or any other benefits."
So riddle me this fair reader, why then in my supermarket last night was I able to find yogurt claims for,
"Stengthening the immune System"
- Yoplait Minigo

"Your natural defenses will love a bottle of Danactive. Scientifically Proven"
- Danone Danactive

"Help strengthen your natural defenses"
- Danone Danactive

"Every day" (with picture of arrow pointing to nether-regions of abdomen)
- Danone Activia
So really, I'm asking the question. Do any of you readers have any idea why it is that health claims refuted by the European Union and successfully removed via a class action lawsuit in the States are still selling food here in Canada?