Saturday, February 06, 2010

Saturday Stories

Stories that managed to capture my minuscule attention span this week:

Brian Switek of Laelaps covers the much bally-hoo'd report on barefoot running (complete with cool video.

The New York Times covers the story of how an all-American kid became a terrorist leader in Somalia.

Orac from Respectful Insolence schools reporters in how not to report science and medical news.

Steven Novella from Neurologica further eviscerates the Desiree Jennings dystonia case.

Julie from Dinner with Julie announces the launch of Blogaid: Recipes for Haiti. 27 food bloggers band together to create a cookbook with proceeds going to help support relief efforts in Haiti.

And for a self serving one - CBC Marketplace has me have a peek at the studies Herbal Magic suggests supports 2 of their products' efficacies.

Lastly, ever wonder what happens to a man kicked in the groin with 1,100lbs of force? Well wonder no more and watch this video from the show Sport Science (email subscribers will need to head to the blog to view):