Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ottawa Post : So you want to be on TV?

Consider this post a casting call.

I'm working with CBC's the National on a segment that will explore what Canadian families are eating.

It's not going to be a finger pointing, make you feel horrible about your choices show, but rather an educational one.

It'll be shooting around the first week of December and air sometime early in the New Year and it'll take a week of your time and your reward will include some free groceries and a free digital food scale.

We need 3 families of 4 (though we've already cast one - Andrea Tomkins' from a peek inside the fishbowl) with nearish to tween age kids.

We're still looking for a) a family who due to their lifestyles or preferences tend to value convenience in their meals and b) a family who is trying to retain their own ethnic cuisine despite living in Canada.

If you're interested and think you fit the bill, please email me at yonifreedhoff courtesy of gmail and I'll be able to put you in touch with the segment's producer.

Back to this blog's regular programming tomorrow.